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Andrae Alexander

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Andrae is a professor at USC and the Los Angeles Film School. Here are what his students have to say about him: 

Andrae is an amazing professor! He really cares about his students and wants them to succeed in the industry. He's super passionate about everything he teaches, and is now a Grammy winner! Beware, the questions on tests and quizzes are very specific and obscure. In-class projects and collaboration assignments are super fun and great for networking.

Anonomys USC Student

DRAE!!! One of the best professor's I know but more importantly a genuinely amazing human who cares about the material he teaches and cares for his students. Show up, ask questions and you should do good in the class. Absolutely nothing negative to say about him, the class was amazing!

Anonomys USC Student

Andrae's his name, being the best professor is his game. He is by far the best teacher I've had so far. He offers you help with anything you need and will guide you wherever you see your career going. He always makes class a blast, and really strive to make a personal connection with his students. Show up and you'll learn a lot while having fun!!